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Fret Shop Rave Reviews

"Hey Phil, Got the guitar on Friday and it is awesome. Excellent work. Rest assured when its time for the next one I'll be giving you a call." "It's definitely got soul, which is exactly what I wanted. I was telling my wife that I wanted this guitar to be like the coolest mutt at the pound. You know, he's probably had a rough life and maybe has some funky coloring, but he's got so much character you have to take him home. You nailed it. Great job."

Wade Sturdivant Sept 2003

" I have been interested in guitars for about 18 years. I have a modest collection, about 30 in all, built in many different locations: Nashville, Fullerton, Japan, Corona, Kalamazoo, and Columbus... Columbus.. Ohio? Yes, even Columbus, Ohio.

Most of my guitars are the same assembly line clones that have always been produced, but I feel that something was missing from them. In my search for the perfect tone, I've purchased countless parts, changed pickups, and strings, anything I could think of to get them to sound the way I thought they should. I've come close on a few, but nothing quite captures the tone I'm after.

About a year ago, I found myself in the 5th ave fret shop in Grandview speaking with someone who shares my same enthusiasm for the collection of wood, metal and plastic we all know and love. His craftsmanship and keen attention to detail are superbly revealed in the instruments he constructs.

He doesn't build 10,000 guitars a day to ship all across the world. He build's one guitar at a time over many months, right here in Columbus. I know because I've waited for one myself. I will never have the need to purchase a mass produced assembly line guitar again. The truth is in the fingers and the ears. Thanks Phil."

Rob Craft Dec. 2002

"I've been tweaking that purple tele a bit. had it out on the road with the yayhoos. I think its one of the best guitars I've got. thanks a bunch. I don't know how to tell you that its really a great one. thanks is the best I can do. thanks"

E/Roscoe Dec. 2001

"Phil, just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again on the absolutely incredible job you did on the 62 J of mine. I can't believe how well this bass plays. I am not worthy. Also wanted to let you know that I have raved about your work to a couple thousand other bass players on a few bass forums on the net which I frequent to chat with other players. I felt I should do this since that's how I found out about your shop {through " the Bottom line" bass website}. Hope you don't mind me highly recommending your shop to other players on the net. Well, thanks so much. You have restored this 62 J to its former glory. The bass community owes you a debt of gratitude .I know you're not getting rich doing this. gratefully yours."

Adam Zaslavsky Oct 2001


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