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1597 W Fifth Avenue
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Open 11am-7pm Monday through Friday and 10am-3pm Saturday

Guitar & Instrument Sales

Guitar & Instrument SalesFifth Avenue Fret Shop provides a place to buy, sell, and trade vintage and used instruments that is intimate, comfortable, and convenient. Most of our instruments are selected consignments over $500 or custom built instruments by our in house luthiers.

The expert staff are all skilled repairmen and knowledgeable players. Their goal is to answer all your questions correctly. We want to assure that the guitar you purchase is of the highest quality for your price range and meets your unique needs. We are ever mindful that the relationship we build with you now will foster your return business and your kind referrals. We are committed to providing excellent service now and in the future.

The Fretshop offers consignment opportunities at 20%. We prefer the personal relationships with our customers over the challenges of auction sites and internet classifieds. We provide a safe, insured, and professional environment for your instrument sale. We have high quality traffic to assure you of good exposure to the best buyers.

Guitar Parts & Accessories Sales

Fifth Avenue Fret Shop has made a commitment to stocking an array of repair and replacement parts for all makes of guitars. We stock strings, parts, and essential accessories that keep you playing well and upgrade your instrument.


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