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1597 W Fifth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: 614-481-8300
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Open 11am-7pm Monday through Friday and 10am-3pm Saturday

Fifth Avenue Fret Shop History

Phil ManeriIn the early eighties I was a working musician with little money and broken instruments. My solution was to learn how to fix them for myself. Lots of research, some time with Dan Erlewine, and many guitars later I got pretty good at it. Soon My friends wanted me to do their instruments too. This developed into a little side business. I found it served my love for instruments and music as well as my penchant for tinkering and woodworking--a skill I inherited from my Grandfather.

In 1991 one of my best clients, a local vintage guitar aficionado and international touring musician, opened Cowtown Guitars. He invited me to set up shop in the back of his store to fix his guitars and provide repairs to his clientele. 7 years and thousands of guitars later he chose to relocate to Las Vegas and the Fifth Avenue Fret Shop was born.

My intention was to create a place with no barriers. Visits to Greenfield Village in Michigan taught me that people are fascinated by craftsmanship. They love to see people in the process of creation. Likewise most guitar repairs have been shuttered away behind closed doors. You brought your prized instrument into a shop. It disappeared abruptly behind those doors until it reappeared later a different beast. Sort of like dropping your child off at a kennel.

As a professional musician I knew exactly what it felt like on the other side of the counter. I wanted a shop I could be proud of. No shuttered doors. The Fretshop is one big open room. Retail and repairs mixed together in the same space. All procedures are done right in front of you. If you hung out long enough you could even watch your guitar repaired before your eyes. This is really about trust and confidence. No secrets.

The Fretshop has developed into a business with an impeccable national reputation. Over the years we have assembled a team of expert staff that do work of the highest quality. We work together to problem solve the most complex of issues with a group approach of collected wisdom from many decades of experience. Explore the website and contact us.

With warm regards,
Phil Maneri


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