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Fifth Avenue Fret Shop Future

Phil ManeriWe are continually updating our business plan. We feel this helps us maintain a high level of service and a quality long lasting organization. These principles guide our thoughts.

We believe ongoing relationships with other instrument repair and restoration professionals. We think it fosters a collective intelligence that raises the bar on craftsmanship not only here but in the field as a whole. Our intention is to preserve the beautiful instruments of the past so our children and their children have them to enjoy as we have.

While we grow as craftsmen and retailers we still desire to remain a small shop. The "country store" notion has served our customers well and makes a comfy environment for us to work in every day. Coffee and conversation goes a long way in professional relationships. Our goal is to be focused on the personal touches and attention to detail musicians need. We will always be available for consultation as we believe our greatest strength is our ability to meet your needs directly.

The recession has made every business reevaluate what it does and how it does it to trim excesses and focus on what works. We have streamlined our focus as a result and are now primarily providing repairs and restorations on instruments, reduced our sales inventory to everyday essentials and dropped our custom build line. This renewed focus allows us to not be distracted by things outside the repair shop and give our full attention to the instruments in our care.

Custom instruments can be arranged through two of our resident luthiers, Sean Bowers and Pete Cary. Both can provide ground up custom works built in their home shops that can be arranged through the Fret Shop. Both electric and acoustic instruments can be constructed in either traditional or very modern design forward concepts. Contact us for details.

This narrowing of our attention has bred a group approach at addressing repair work where three heads are better than one or two. We daily discuss approaches and procedures on the most challenging of work so we can deliver the highest quality results. We are very proud of our renewed energy. Like most places that have survived the recession we are invigorated.



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